Our School

cropped-RealCost_clip_image005.gifOne hundred years before the last brick of Thompson School was troweled into place, its neighborhoods were almost completely covered by farmlands. The passing of years saw continued growth and Arlington’s population increased dramatically. Among those to arrive during this influx were businessman Francis E. Thompson and his wife Mabel Montgomery Thompson, whose family name would live on, attached to one of Arlington’s youngest schools.

Saying ‘goodbye’ to the old building with a Thompson-size hug.

Francis E. Thompson built his fortune by expanding the business based on his father’s formula for “Moxie” tonic. He and his wife Mabel planned to distribute funds from their estate to charity. Mrs. Thompson who survived her husband, made several charitable bequests through her will. The largest of these, in the amount of $50,000, was to the Town of Arlington to establish the Francis E. Thompson scholarship fund.

It was the increase in the birth rate after World War II that called for the construction of the Thompson School, among others. Construction began in 1954 and in 1956 Thompson School opened its door to the first of many students.

In November 2011, The Town of Arlington announced that the Thompson Rebuild Project had begun. Demolition of the school began in the fall of 2011 and happily reopened in September of 2013.

Photos from Thompson Teachers’ First Tour of the New Building
Summer 2013